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“Being new to massages, I see no reason ever to go to anyone else besides Renee. From the atmosphere she has created, to the time I leave, she made me feel welcomed and relaxed. I now make time monthly to get massages for myself. Her healing touch truly helps relieve my muscle tension. I personally recommend her professional services.”

~ David

Myofascial Release Therapy

What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

Myofascial Release Therapy is a technique that works the fascia, a layer of connective tissue between the skin and muscle layer, which can become restricted due to many differing factors. The irritation of this tissue can develop slowly over time, and the irritation can increase exponentially to the point of fibrosis.

Myofascial Therapy is an extremely effective hands-on technique that works by applying gentle, sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore flexibility and motion to the fascia (connective tissue).

Myofascial Release Therapy improves tissue health and range of motion by helping to relax contracted muscles, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as revitalizing your reflexes.

Book a session of Myofascial Release Therapy with Hahn Wellness, located in Des Moines, IA, to find out just how good your body can feel.

Whether you need a prenatal massage, have a sports injury or simply want to relax, Hahn Wellness has several years of experience matching individuals with custom-tailored massage treatments. Take a step toward a healthier and more comfortable life by making an appointment today.

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