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“Renee always gives a wonderful massage. Never has there been a bad one. Even a 11/2 hour massage is never long enough for me when getting a massage from Renee.”

~ Adam


I highly recommend Renee's massages!

"After playing sports all my life, my muscles were like a tight rope and always hurting. I had my first massage ever by Renee in November of 2010. I had never felt so relaxed and limber in years. I felt WONDERFUL! Renee suggested 2-3 sessions within 3-5 days apart of each other would help with my tight muscles and pain and she was right! I have been going to Renee for massages weekly and have never felt better. I highly recommend Renee's massages!"

~ Laurie
Best Massage Around By Far

"Renee with Hahn Wellness is a pure miracle worker. I've suffered from headaches, back and hip pain for years caused by being to hard on my body from high school and college sports. I have so much tightness and pain in my neck, back and hips because I'm in and out of my vehicle so many times throughout a day's time.

I've sought help from experts who are chiropractors, doctors and other massage professionals and have found that Renee at Hahn Wellness has been the "only" one to help me with my pain and tightness. It has been an incredible relief and experience I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

If you seek relief then you need to seek out Renee at Hahn Wellness. Most definetly, 'No One Does It Better!' "

~ Anonymous Google Reviewer
Best Prenatal Massage in Des Moines

"Hahn Wellness is keeping me sane in the last weeks of my pregnancy! Last week I woke up unable to breathe! The baby was pressing against my lungs and diaphragm. I was miserable. I could not take a deep breath without feeling like someone was stabbing me between my shoulders. I was at 30 weeks. The doctor told me there was nothing she could do to help and I would have to tough it out until the baby dropped down.

I was recommended to Hahn Wellness by a woman at my OB that overheard me in the waiting room. Renee squeezed me in at the end of the day despite being booked up... (which shows you how pitiful I sounded). I had an hour prenatal massage and it fixed everything! All aches in my back were gone, I could actually breathe after my massage - it was the best I have felt this whole pregnancy.

Prior to the massage I could not sleep, laying down hurt ... I was miserable. I got a massage again this week and it made all my aches disappear. Renee has the perfect bed and pillow set up to keep a pregnant woman comfortable. I am hooked and plan to go for the remaining nine weeks. If only I had discovered her earlier. I have had many massages in my life, but Renee Hahn is a miracle worker. Best Pre-natal massage in Des Moines!"

~ Anonymous Google Reviewer
Relaxed & Welcomed!

"Being new to massages, I see no reason ever to go to anyone else besides Renee. From the atmosphere she has created, to the time I leave, she made me feel welcomed and relaxed. I now make time monthly to get massages for myself. Her healing touch truly helps relieve my muscle tension. I personally recommend her professional services."

~ David
No Other Choice

"When you decide it's time for a massage - there is no other choice but Renee. She is the consummate professional, and takes the time to determine what your needs and issues are and then tailors the massage based on those needs. I have never felt so relaxed and pain free as I had after my first massage with Renee.

I will be a repeat customer for sure, including post-race massages for faster recovery. She is so good at what she does that I had to get sessions for my Mom and Sister as Christmas presents this year! Thanks Renee! I will be calling soon for my next appointment!"

~ Eric
Massage is Part of a Complete Wellness Plan

"A Google search led me to Hahn Wellness the first time, but that is not why I am now a regular customer! As someone who spends most of the day in front of a computer and who is physically active outside of work, my areas of muscle tension, fatigue and stress are fairly consistent. While Renee has the ability to move between massage techniques to promote healing in these spots, she also has the experience to identify problem areas of which I was not aware.

Another area where Renee stands out from other massage therapists is that she is capable of performing true "deep tissue" massage when needed (or wanted) - something which, in my experience with other providers is often mentioned as available, but not always delivered. I highly recommend Hahn Wellness to anyone looking for massage therapy services from an experienced professional."

~ Brett
Without Chronic Pain

"I was recommended to Renee by a client/friend because of the chronic back and neck pain I had since a car accident last January. I was not able to walk or do any normal activities, such as keeping my house clean or picking up my 6 year old daughter. I would have to lay down on ice EVERY night just to get the inflammation down. Renee was a godsend after two deep tissue massages, she had me walking without pain!!

This is HUGE, she is the best massage therapist I have ever gone to and I have seen massage therapists for 20 years. She really knows how to manipulate your muscles. Renee has a very healing touch. She is truly the best I have been to and I CAN WALK without PAIN!! Thank you so much Renee!!"

~ Anonymous Google Reviewer
True Pain Relief

"Renee is a true therapist. She is compassionate, listens to your concerns, asks questions to better identify your problems, and then customizes your treatment. Each massage is different based on your needs. I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain and Renee is the only therapist that I have gone to who has been able to relieve the pain significantly"

~ Wendy
Best Prenatal Massage I have ever received!

"Renee is fantastic! I have had several prenatal massages but none like this... I was very sore and achy when I arrived and I left feeling very comfortable and relaxed. It was wonderful for both me and the baby too! I am looking forward to my next massage!"

~ Jennifer
Extra Attention

"My second massage with Renee and "I'll be back"!! Renee is genuinely interested in your health, and how she can assist you. Also very conscientious about working those areas that need extra attention, as well as limiting pressure on those areas that are tender!"

~ Max

"This was my 1st experience with massage. I could not believe an hour had gone by ... but it had! It was so relaxing.. the atmosphere.. most of all the massage. I will be back! Thank you."

~ Stacey

"I was looking for personalized and relaxed setting for my massage and Renee provided it. The music and setting was perfect! And the massage felt GREAT! I can't wait for my next appointment!"

~ Patty
Highly Recommend

"Another great massage from Renee! She is a regular part of my ongoing fitness plan."

~ Brett

"Renee is great! She tailors to her clients needs and is always making sure what she is doing is what we (her clients) need. She is great at her job... Always applying enough pressure in all the right spots to make you feel better. She knows where to work and you always feel better after she's provided her services. I would recommend her to everyone!"

~ Christopher

Whether you need a prenatal massage, have a sports injury or simply want to relax, Hahn Wellness has several years of experience matching individuals with custom-tailored massage treatments. Take a step toward a healthier and more comfortable life by making an appointment today.

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